"Prior to coming to Dr. Vaswani's Allergy and Asthma Clinic, my husband and I were long-time sufferers of year-round allergies. Once we were tested, Dr. Vaswani developed serums to match our individual allergy needs. By following his care plan and faithfully getting our allergy shots, we have improved our quality of life. Since we started with Dr. Vaswani, we have not had any colds or sinus infections, which were frequent before starting the shots. Additionally, it has not been necessary for either of us to take additional allergy medication, whereas before the shots, we were on several daily prescriptions to control our allergies and symptoms. Going to Dr. Vaswani for the treatment of our allergies has been the single best thing we have done to improve our overall health and well-being."
- Scott and Kelly D

"For many years I suffered with environmental and food allergies. Other doctors spent time trying many different treatments that only added miserable side effects and didn't improve my allergies. Since being a patient of Dr. Vaswani, my severe allergies are under control and I take medicines only on an as needed basis. I feel like myself again and I don't have to limit my activities due to being exposed to my allergies. He has also been fabulous in testing and treating my son when I had concerns about his possible allergies.
He is a doctor that listens to my needs and my concerns and gives many options. He also keeps himself educated on the lastest research and improvements in his field to better treat his patients."
- Kristin K

"I have been a patient of Dr. Vaswani and the Allergy and Asthma Clinical Center for almost 15 years. The practice has played a major role in being able to return to a normal life after suddenly developing severe allergies. As the number of allergies I have grew, Dr. Vaswani did an outstanding job in adjusting my treatments to meet my needs. I am very thankful for his service and highly recommend him to anyone with allergy or asthma related needs!"
- Chuck B

"It is my great pleasure to have the opportunity to write my experience as Dr. Vaswani's patient.
I have been suffering from chronic allergies and rhinitis for many years. I was assailed by constant headaches. Dr. Vaswani diagnosed my symptoms accurately and started treating me. Due that, I found great relief.
When I met Dr. Vaswani for the first time, I did not want to go to any other doctor for treatment. Dr. Vaswani impressed me to be the best and also a caring Physician.
I am continuously impressed with his professionalism, coupled with his thoughtfulness. He is not only an excellent doctor; but also very kind. I consider myself fortunate to have Dr. Vaswani as my doctor. He is certainly Very Special. I would highly recommend him to one and all."
- Renuka S

"I've been a patient of Dr. Vaswani for 5 years. I was initially referred to him by my primary physician. From the first day I walked into the office, the staff was very thoughtful, nice, and very encouraging. In most offices you have to wait around for what seems like an eternity to be seen. Not at Dr Vaswani's office. They take you in very quickly. They know that not feeling well, and they make it their mission to provide relief as quickly as possible. I got a chance to know the staff, and they are all very good people and they know what they are doing.
As far as Dr. Vaswani is concerned, he is the most kind, gentle, and even tempered person I have ever met. Nothing frustrates him, and you can even hold a conversation with him about anything (we talked about movies), but the point is, he takes the time to find about you as a person. After my final treatment I was so impressed with his practice, I sent him a gift basket. I wanted the whole staff to know that I appreciated what they did for me, how they treated me, and that I recognized their devotion to their patients. They are terrific. When my granddaughter Natalie (21/2 yrs old) was having allergy problems recently, he was the first and only person I recommended to call. My daughter took Natalie over to see Dr. Vaswani, and when my daughter returned home, she couldn't stop talking about how much she loved Dr. Vaswani, and how gentle and patient he was with Natalie. If I know anyone that is having allergy problems and needs to see someone, Dr. Vaswani and his staff is who I would recommend. I give them an A+. Thanks for everything and good luck."
- Sam A

"When I just came to Dr. Vaswani and found I was allergic to everything, my energy was at an all time low. Several weeks later I began to feel better and found my energy level within months dramatically improved! Dr. Vaswani is always available for me to call to monitor my asthma and my children's asthma. He gives immediate attention, concern, and follow-up to all my questions or health related issues. I have been thrilled with my care by Dr. Vaswani fo seven years along with four of my children who feel the same way! I couldn't ask for better care in any way!"
- Amy F

"I would gladly like to say that Dr. Vaswani saved my life. I had so much trouble with my allergies and asthma that I was getting more and more sure that I could never enjoy life again. He assured me that the shots would help and that he would find a medication that would work. After 5 years of shots, I can say I haven't had any bad episodes and I don't fear spring, summer, or fall anymore. I can't thank him enough."
- Fran H

"Dr. Vaswani has a very good bed side manner and really enjoys his patients. He listens to what there needs are and he takes his time on a one-to-one basis. I am truly grateful I have Dr.Vaswani as my allergist. He is a very qualified Doctor and his mannerism is impeccable."
- Geraldine J

"I have been a patient of Dr. Vaswani for over 3 years. He has been very thorough and patient with us in the treatment of my allergies. His staff has been very courteous."
- Peter J

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